Schedule of Events

The schedule will be finalized by September 1.


  • SafeSplash Swim School 

  • 3810 N. Schreiber Way, Coeur d'Alene 83815


  • 7:00AM - Venue opens

  • 9:10AM - Drop off kayaks or SUPs ends

  • 9:15AM - Mandatory Athlete Briefing

  • 9:30AM - Race Start

  • 10:45AM - Paddle cut off time

  • 11:30AM - Awards 

  • 12:30pm - Event finishes


Packet Pick Up Details

  1. LOCATION:  SafeSplash Swim School at 3810 N. Schreiber Way, Coeur d'Alene

  2. TIME:  3:00 to 6:30pm

  3. Packet Pick up Details:

  4. You MUST pick up your packet on Friday. There is NO event day packet pick up. Please make the necessary arrangements.

  5. If you cannot pick up your packet, someone may pick it up for you.

  6. If you are on a team, only one member of the team is required to pick up the packets.

  7. Ask questions. If you have questions that are not answered on this website please ask at packet pickup and equipment check-in/drop-off so that you are all set come race morning. We ask that you PLEASE read through every page of this website so that you are not asking questions you could easily find the answers to on your own prior to the event. An informed athlete is a successful and happy athlete.


Event Safety & Details

There may be more rules added to this listed from now through September 1, 2022. Please check back on September 2 for the final list to be sure you know all that you need to for the event.

  • You must be registered to take part in the event.

  • No headphones once the race begins.

  • If you carry a cell phone, be aware of your surroundings if you are using it. Do NOT take selfies or pictures while on the boat or run courses as it puts athlete safety in danger.

  • This is an OPEN course so be respectful of all non-athletes.

  • No pets allowed in the race.

  • No littering.

  • No course deviation. Follow the course markers.

  • No scooters, strollers, or rollerblades.

  • No swimming on the course. Remain in your kayak or on your SUP until you reach the end of the paddle course.

  • You MUST supply your own kayak or SUP.

  • No tandem kayaks or canoes.

  • If you use a kayak, it must be propelled by your arms through the use of a paddle. You may not use a kayak that is propelled by pedaling with your legs.

  • Maximum SUP length: 12'6" for women and 14' for men. SUPs longer than this will not be allowed.

  • You MUST wear a life jacket (kayak) or PFD pack (SUP) at all times while on the boat course and carry a sound signaling device (whistle).

  • Your kayak or SUP MUST have a current invasive species sticker. Sheriff's department will be on site and may be checking for your current sticker.

  • You MUST have some kind of shoe on at all times before, during, and after the event. You can change them but you must always be wearing shoes.

  • If you are on a team, the runner must wait for the kayaker to reach the end of the paddle course and exchange the timing chip.

  • You MUST drop your boat off by the designated cut off time.

  • You MUST have your gear labeled with your race number tags we give you at packet pickup before you can drop anything off. 

  • You MUST show your race number tags to be allowed to pick up your items after the race.

  • Post-race food is Athletes ONLY. 


Mandatory Gear

There may be more mandatory gear added to this listed from now through September 1, 2022. Please check back on September 2 for the final list to be sure you have all that you need to for the event. If we add anything to this list it will not be large or expensive.

  • Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board with current invasive species sticker.

  • Paddle(s) - We do not allow you to use your hand as a paddle. You may not use a kayak that requires pedaling with your legs.

  • Life Jacket / PFD - Properly fitting - Must be worn at all times while on the water.

  • Whistle - You MUST have a whistle during the Paddle portion of the event.

  • Shoes - You MUST have shoes at all times. It can be one pair the entire time or a different pair for each part but you must always have shoes on.

  • Race Number Marking - We give you tags for your kayak or SUP and life jacket/PFD, and a bib for your torso. These must be on at all times for identification.